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Neodymium magnets, the strongest type of rare-earth magnet currently available, are used in a variety of industrial products. If you need small but powerful magnets, neodymium magnets are the answer.


Discs / Rods Rings Arc Segment Spheres

This is a radial neodymium magnet. It is used in motors and other objects that use torque and rotation.


Discs / Rods Squares

They are very rust-resistant and highly insulated, making them perfect for use in advanced high-precision products and medical devices.



Round Bar Rectangular Bar Rectangular Filter Round Filter Plate

Bar magnets contain neodymium magnets loaded inside a stainless steel casing and are extremely strong. They can prevent iron from mixing with food and tea products. Grouping them and forming a filter allows for even more effective removal of magnetic material.

Cap Neodimium

A-Disc Countersunks B-Disc Counterboreds C-Thread hook D-Thread Female E-Hooks F-Eyelet hook G-Discs H-Internal Thread LA-Square Countersunks LB-Square Counterboreds LG-Squares

Combining neodymium magnets with yokes concentrates the magnetism of both sides into a single adhesive side, allowing products with stronger adhesive properties than normal.



Discs / Rods Rings Squares

While it is less durable and powerful than other magnets, it is inexpensive and highly anticorrosive, making it invaluable when cost is a concern.


Samarium Cobalt

Discs / Rods Squares

Second only to neodymium in terms of strength, this magnet has the advantage of being able to maintain its magnetism even in high heat and other harsh environments. It is highly anticorrosive as well.

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  • Neodymium 50mmX10mmX2mm
    qulità prodotti e servizio
    aggiungo altre ***** per qualità efficienza e spedizione
    saluti volpi
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  • Neodymium Φ20mmX10mm
    qualità prezzo buone ,ottime descrizioni prodotto
    con vasta scelta, in oltre sono rapidi e precisi
    nella preparazione e consegna degli ordini,
    Consiglio vivamente
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  • Neodymium Φ20mmX3mm
    Prodotto come descritto confezionato molto bene
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  • Pot Cap Neodymium Φ42mmXΦ6.5mmX9mm/M6 Cylindrical borehole
    Decisamente esagerato: attenzione quando si attacca perché in certi casi non si riesce a staccarlo se non si è predisposto un apposito sistema.
    Ottimo servizio di consegna ultraveloce e personale addetto gentilissimo. Provare per credere
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  • Pot Cap Neodymium Φ32mmXΦ5.5mmX8mm/M5 Cylindrical borehole
    perfetto 2
    perfetto 2: forse ho sottovalutato la potenza di attrazione ... Consegna velocissima: non avevo quasi finito di pagare che i magneti sono già arrivati !!! Personale addetto oltremodo cortese, simpatico/a, oltremodo disponibili.
    30 e lode
    Pot Cap Neodymium Φ32mmXΦ5.5mmX8mm/M5 Cylindrical borehole BUY NOW