No electricity required!

With neodymium magnets, it requires no electricity, and can be turned on and off with a lever. Suitable for lifting up heavy materials, such as iron plates and round iron bars.

Lifting magnets


Lifting magnets

Made with neodymium magnets, no electricity is required for use. Simple control with an ON / OFF switching lever allows easy operations. Despite its small casing, it is capable of lifting heavy products, such as steel sheets and round steel bars.

How to use

  1. 1 Quietly place the lifting magnet on the center of gravity of the lifting subject.
  2. 2 Push the safety button and pull the lever to ON.
  3. *The lever does not move if the magnet is not placed on a strong magnetic material.
    *Please place your magnet on a strong magnetic material.
  4. 3 Lift up the targeted material slightly from the ground.
  5. 4 Hit the targeted material with a wood to make sure that the magnet does not let go of the material.
  6. 5 If the magnet sticks to the material, start lifting and move slowly.

Characteristics by product numbers

Lifting magnets

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No. Maximum lift-up capacity
Lift-up capacity 1/3
(Safety factor 3)
Round iron bar lift-up standard Measurements Temperature when in use mass  
Flat iron Round iron Approvable diameter L B H R
CSYQ100A 100kg 50kg φ40-150mm 64mm 92mm 67mm 150mm <80℃ 3kg Price
CSYQ300A 300kg 150kg φ60-200mm 92mm 162mm 91mm 255mm <80℃ 7.5kg Price
CSYQ600A 600kg 300kg φ60-300mm 122mm 233mm 118mm 230mm <80℃ 23kg Price
CSYQ1000A 1000kg 500kg φ70-400mm 179mm 268mm 164mm -mm <80℃ 55.5kg Price
2000kg 1000kg φ150~400mm 234mm 378mm 212mm -mm <80℃ 125kg Price
3000kg 1500kg φ150-500mm 310mm 497mm 252mm -mm <80℃ 220kg Price
6000kg 3000kg - 442mm 621mm 210mm -mm <80℃ 440kg Price

Characteristics by materials

Material Specified value of adhesion
SS400 100%
S45C,SUS430 80%
SK3,SUJ2,S45C 75%
SKH9,SKD11,FC25 50%

Characteristics by surface processing

Surface condition Characteristic value of adhesion
SS400 ▽▽▽G 100%
SS400 ▽▽ 70%
SS400 ▽ 60%
SS400 ~ 50%
  • Characteristics
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  • Characteristics
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Lifting magnets

Adhesive surface

Lifting magnets

Lift-up capacity test

Lifting magnets