The magnetic flux density differs slightly depending on the measuring device. Please consider them to be only reference values.The adsorptive power is the reference value when the magnet is pulled at a perpendicular angle.

Product image
項目 範囲 スライド操作
長さ L-mm
高さ H-mm
表面磁束密度 B-mT
吸引力・吸着力 F-kgf
  Product name L W H mT Strength
Anisotropic Ferrite 20mmX10mmX3mm  20 10 3 72.9 mT 0.336 kgf Price
Anisotropic Ferrite 20mmX10mmX4mm  20 10 4 91.3 mT 0.41 kgf Price
Anisotropic Ferrite 20mmX10mmX5mm  20 10 5 106.4 mT 0.447 kgf Price
Anisotropic Ferrite 100mmX100mmX10mm  100 100 10 34.5 mT 6.88 kgf Price
  Product name L W H mT Strength