Accepted payment methods

We accept the following payment methods: cash, credit card, bank transfer. It is not allowed to pay with promissory note. If paying by credit card or bank transfer, the bank will issue a receipt of payment. Magfine will issue regular tax document (invoice). Payments made by credit card will be managed by the secure Paypal circuit.

No. Payment methods Details Shipping
1 Credit card Payment by credit card is by the secure Paypal system. At the conclusion of the order, if it was chosen to pay by credit card, the system will automatically redirect you to the secure website Paypal
VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club
Credit card

Immediate deposit

Same day or next running day
2 Bank transfer (in advance) The bank account of the beneficiary is: 'Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.'. Payment must be made in advance for all (for individuals and companies)

Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo S.p.A.
Bank Address: Via Roma 82, 58022 Follonica Grosseto Italia
To: Magfine Srl
IBAN: IT05 B030 6972 2491 0000 0003 213
Please write your order number in the reason for the payment

NB: The products will be shipped after the amount is accredited on bank (usually 3/5 days) To speed up the shipping the customer can send us the receipt issued by the bank accounts with attached CRO of the bank transfer to FAX number 0566.53094 or pdf to In this case, the shipment will take place the following day.

When amount is accredited on bank
(usually 3/5 days)
3 Postepay recharge It is possible to pay orders by Postepay recharge at any post office or authorized chemists. Postepay recharge allows us to check the deposit in real time, so it speeds up the shipping procedure of the products.

Card n.: 4023 6009 4526 0174
Name: Haginaka Akifumi
Tax code: HGNKFM74D05Z219P

Immediate deposit.

we ship on the same day or the following day.
4 Payment by cash on delivery you can pay directly to the delivery, the courier will accept only cash. Payment on delivery has a fee of 5 Euro

Immediate deposit

Same day or next running day

Tax documents Receipts

Each shipment travels with its receipts inside the package. Customers can request to reprint documents issued that will be delivered by mail, the cost of such request is 3 euro.