Magnets may involve risks as they are fragile and easily break.
Please make sure to read the precautions before handling our magnets.
Note: We will not be held liable for any injuries or losses from handling our products.



  • -Do not use our magnets if you are using any surgically-implanted electronic medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers.
  • -Magnets that are swallowed by mistake may cause life-threatening conditions. Abdominal surgery may be necessary if a magnet that is swallowed remains in the body.
    If you swallow a magnet by mistake, seek medical attention immediately and follow the doctor's instructions.
  • -Children (under the age of 6 years) and persons requiring supervision may swallow the magnets by mistake. Magnets must be stored out of the reach of children and persons requiring supervision.


  • -If shock is applied to the magnets due to them sticking together or to other objects, the magnets or the surface finishing may chip or come off.
  • -If magnets stick together, it may not be possible to separate them depending on their shape.
  • -It can be dangerous if a magnet is carelessly left in places, as magnets or metals close by, may be strongly drawn to it.
  • -Keep magnets aways from cell phones and analog clocks, as well as magnetic recording mediums such as magnetic cards and magnetic tapes as the recorded data may become corrupted.

There is a risk that magnets get damaged by magnetic attraction force when releasing them.

There is a risk that magnets get damaged by high load presser.

Handle with care

  • -Magnets that have stuck together can be separated by sliding them. Less force is required than other methods if they are separated in this way.
  • -Neodymium magnets are treated with an anti-rust coating (plating or resin) because they contain iron and are highly corrosive. The magnets corrode easily in water and high-humidity environments. Do not allow the magnets to come in contact with the skin for extended periods of time because the plating may wear off due to sweat.
  • -Make sure to use the neodymium magnets in an environment below 80°C or the heat-resistant temperature because they cannot withstand heat. They will demagnetize if used in environments above the heat-resistant temperature.
  • -Samarium cobalt magnets are extremely brittle and prone to cracking and chipping. Make sure to handle them with care.
  • -Ferrite magnets are as fragile as china and are usually already chipped to a small degree. Make sure to handle them with care as they crack and chip easily.
  • -If the same poles of an alnico magnet and a different type of magnet are put together to repel each other, demagnetization or reversal of the poles (N becomes S, or S becomes N) may occur.
  • -Alnico magnets do not withstand humidity well and as they are not usually surface treated, they may rust easily in a high-temperature environment.