Strong bar magnets which prevent incorporation of iron powder into foods, tea leaves and materials.

Bar magnets are super strong magnets which have a neodymium magnet inside a stainless case. They prevent incorporation of iron powder into foods, tea leaves and materials. By creating a filter made up of several bar magnets, it is possible to effectively remove magnetic substances.

1.Very strong

Ultra strong magnetic force between 1 to 1.4 tesla.


The outer surface is hygienic as they are made of stainless steel SUS316.
They are corrosion resistant and can be used in areas where water is circulated.

3.Semi permanent

They can be used almost permanently at normal temperatures.
By using heat resistant magnets, they can also be used in hot environments.

Round Bar

項目 範囲 スライド操作
長さ L-mm
IMG Code Size
Diameter X Length±2mm
Tapped holes on both ends
Heat resistance
Surface magnetic flux density
Denshijiki Industry Co., Ltd.
Hall element T-402
Tolerance approx. ±50mT
Surface magnetic flux density
SMK10 Φ10mmX100mm 316L 600mT Price
SMK20 Φ10mmX200mm 316L 600mT Price
SMK30 Φ10mmX300mm 316L 600mT Price
SMS10 Φ16mmX100mm 316L 1000mT Price
SMS20 Φ16mmX200mm 316L 1000mT Price
SMS30 Φ16mmX300mm 316L 1000mT Price
SMM10 Φ19mmX100mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMM20 Φ19mmX200mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMM30 Φ19mmX300mm 316L 1200mT Price
SML10 Φ20mmX100mm 316L 1200mT Price
SML20 Φ20mmX200mm 316L 1200mT Price
SML30 Φ20mmX300mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMP10 Φ22mmX100mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMP20 Φ22mmX200mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMP30 Φ22mmX300mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMQ10 Φ23mmX100mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMQ20 Φ23mmX200mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMQ30 Φ23mmX300mm 316L 1200mT Price
SMF10 Φ25mmX100mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF15 Φ25mmX150mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF20 Φ25mmX200mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF25 Φ25mmX250mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF30 Φ25mmX300mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF35 Φ25mmX350mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF40 Φ25mmX400mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF45 Φ25mmX450mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF50 Φ25mmX500mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF60 Φ25mmX600mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF70 Φ25mmX700mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF80 Φ25mmX800mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF90 Φ25mmX900mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMF100 Φ25mmX1000mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMR10 Φ28mmX100mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMR20 Φ28mmX200mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMR30 Φ28mmX300mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMJ10 Φ32mmX100mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMJ20 Φ32mmX200mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMJ30 Φ32mmX300mm 316L 1400mT Price
SMT10 Φ38mmX100mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMT20 Φ38mmX200mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMT30 Φ38mmX300mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMU10 Φ50mmX100mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMU20 Φ50mmX200mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMU30 Φ50mmX300mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMV10 Φ76mmX100mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMV20 Φ76mmX200mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMV30 Φ76mmX300mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMW10 Φ100mmX100mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMW20 Φ100mmX200mm 316L 1300mT Price
SMW30 Φ100mmX300mm 316L 1300mT Price

If your required specification is not listed, we will make the magnets to suit your needs.

Surface magnetic flux density

The surface magnetic flux density shown is the magnetic flux density on the outer surface when measured under a measuring environment from on top of the stainless steel case.

Denshijiki Industry Co., Ltd.
Gauss meter GM-4002 made in Japan
Probe high precision T-402
Flux meter FM-3001
Environment temperature 20℃

*The surface magnetic flux density may differ according to the manufacturer of the measuring device, type of device, precision of the probe (Hall element) and room temperature even if the same person measures the same magnet in the same environment.

Cleaning cover case

A cleaning cover case exclusively for magnet bars. By inserting and pulling out the bar magnet from the case, magnetic material attached to the bar can be removed.


Separatori magnetici/Barre

Code dimension OD ID L A B C Material
MCA15 φ27mmX150mm 27mm 26mm 150mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA20 φ27mmX200mm 27mm 26mm 200mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA25 φ27mmX250mm 27mm 26mm 250mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA30 φ27mmX300mm 27mm 26mm 300mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA35 φ27mmX350mm 27mm 26mm 350mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA40 φ27mmX400mm 27mm 26mm 400mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA45 φ27mmX450mm 27mm 26mm 450mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price
MCA50 φ27mmX500mm 27mm 26mm 500mm 2mm 3mm 40mm 316 Price


A shaft exclusively for bar magnets. It can be easily attached to a bar magnet.

Separatori magnetici/Barre 03Separatori magnetici/Barre 09Separatori magnetici/Barre 01Separatori magnetici/Barre
Code Size M L A B Material
MCG120 φ25mmX120mm M6 10mm 67mm 120mm 304 Price

A combination of a cover case and shaft

Using a combination of a cover case and shaft, it is possible to efficiently attach and detach the magnetic material.

Separatori magnetici/Barre 03Separatori magnetici/Barre

Cone plug for bar magnets

Resistance can be reduced by positioning a bar magnet in the flowing direction and attaching a cone plug on the end.


Separatori magnetici/Barre

Separatori magnetici/Barre

Code Size Diameter
M H Stainless
MCP25 φ25mmX25mm φ25mm 25mm M6 8mm 316 Price

An example of how to set up bar magnets/ magnet filters

A powerful magnet filter can be made by assembling several bar magnets together using an assembly jig.

Separatori magnetici/Filtri

Separatori magnetici/Filtri

Separatori magnetici/Filtri
Separatori magnetici/Barre 01Separatori magnetici/Barre Separatori magnetici/Filtri

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