Rubber magnets are molded by mixing rubber with ferrite powder.
The absorption power is substantially weaker than anisotropic ferrite magnets, but machining can be performed easily after purchasing these products, as they can be cut with a pair of scissors or cutters.
The rubber magnets are in wide use all around us, for stationery, DIY arts and crafts as well as manufacturing industry products by taking advantage of their characteristics.


Principal applications for rubber magnets

  • Magnetic provisional driver sign for passenger vehicles
  • Curing installations for elevators (practically all elevators use curing sheets)
  • Tight seals on refrigerator doors
  • Stationery and novelty goods (ideal for public relation items)

Concerning adsorption surfaces

All rubber mats supplied by Magfine provide one-sided adsorption.
There is no adhesive sheet on the reverse side.

Rubber magnet product size list

Sheet type
T Thickness W Width L Length Surface treatment Magnetic pole pitch Surface magnetic flux density
t1mm 210mm 500mm UV Oil black 4mm 49mT Price
500mm 10M Price
t1.5mm 210mm 500mm 4mm 55mT Price
500mm 10M Price
t2mm 210mm 500mm 5mm 76mT Price
500mm 10M Price
t3mm 210mm 500mm 5mm 81mT Price
t4mm 15mm 1M 5mm 77mT Price
25mm 1M 5mm 78mT Price
210mm 500mm 5mm 85mT Price
t5mm 210mm 500mm 5mm 86mT Price