If you order online

Shipments to Italian Islands (Sicily and Sardinia excluded) will incur an additional delivery charge communicated after registration of the order. On all orders with these destinations Magfine reserves the right to cancel the order with reimbursement of amounts to the customer). The customer is aware of and accepts as set out in this section.

Countries EUR Excl. VAT Shipping by
Austria € 16.00 GLS
Belgium € 16.00 GLS
Blugaria € 27.00 GLS
Czech Republic € 27.00 GLS
Denmark € 27.00 GLS
England € 27.00 GLS
Estonia € 27.00 GLS
France € 27.00 GLS
Germany € 16.00 GLS
Hungary € 27.00 GLS
Italia € 5.50 GLS
Lithuania € 27.00 GLS
Luxembourg € 16.00 GLS
Netherlands € 20.00 GLS
Poland € 27.00 GLS
Portugal € 27.00 GLS
Romania € 27.00 GLS
San Marino € 5.50 GLS
Slovenia € 27.00 GLS
Spain € 27.00 GLS
Sweden € 27.00 GLS
Switzerland € 80.00 GLS

For other country destinations, please request us shipping charge quotation.

We cannot ship by ordinary mail or non-standard size mail.

We cannot ship magnets by ordinary mail or non-standard size mail because the magnetic field may leak out and affect the contents of other packages. We can only ship by courier service because regardless of size, all magnets must be packaged so that the magnetic fields do not leak out.

mail unavailable

Delivery time

For deliveries in Italy estimated times are approximately 2/3 days.
Europe delivery timing depends on the country of destination.

Measures and type packs

We do not ship packages with different formats from standard measures. We will provide best packaging to ensure the safety of magnets preventing the dispersion of the powerful magnetic fields may damage the products themselves and other parcels. In case of small orders shipment could be made with envelopes techniques provided by the carrier itself.

Shipping document

Each package will come with a tax document on it and a copy will be put inside. Along with the shipping document you will find an instruction sheet on how to handle the products safely.