MP series square shaped magnet plates

A square shaped magnet plate is a strong magnetic plate in which square shaped neodymium magnets are laid out in a stainless steel case like tiles. The surface magnetic flux density is less than a bar magnet but its strong magnetic field extends to a large area. It is suitable for large items such as vegetables, products and clothes.

magnet_plate magnet_plate

Example of installation positioning

It is suitable for objects that are placed on belt conveyors and or flow inside piping.


List of standard sizes

Code L D B H Weight of actual item Surface Magnetic Flux  
MPA10 100mm 100mm 150mm 20mm 2kg 300mT Price
MPA15 150mm 150mm 200mm 20mm 4kg 300mT Price
MPA20 200mm 200mm 250mm 20mm 7kg 300mT Price
MPA25 250mm 250mm 300mm 20mm 10kg 300mT  
MPA30 300mm 300mm 350mm 20mm 15kg 300mT Price
MPA35 350mm 350mm 400mm 20mm 20kg 300mT  
MPA40 400mm 400mm 450mm 20mm 26kg 300mT  
MPA45 450mm 450mm 500mm 20mm 33kg 300mT  
MPA50 500mm 500mm 550mm 20mm 40kg 300mT Price
MPB10 100mm 100mm 150mm 40mm 3.5kg 400mT  
MPB15 150mm 150mm 200mm 40mm 7.5kg 400mT  
MPB20 200mm 200mm 250mm 40mm 13kg 400mT  
MPB25 250mm 250mm 300mm 40mm 20kg 400mT  
MPB30 300mm 300mm 350mm 40mm 29kg 400mT  
MPB35 350mm 350mm 400mm 40mm 40kg 400mT  
MPB40 400mm 400mm 450mm 40mm 51kg 400mT  
MPB45 450mm 450mm 500mm 40mm 65kg 400mT  
MPB50 500mm 500mm 550mm 40mm 80kg 400mT  
MPC10 100mm 100mm 150mm 60mm 5kg 500mT  
MPC15 150mm 150mm 200mm 60mm 11kg 500mT Price
MPC20 200mm 200mm 250mm 60mm 20kg 500mT  
MPC25 250mm 250mm 300mm 60mm 30kg 500mT  
MPC30 300mm 300mm 350mm 60mm 43kg 500mT  
MPC35 350mm 350mm 400mm 60mm 59kg 500mT  
MPC40 400mm 400mm 450mm 60mm 77kg 500mT  
MPC45 450mm 450mm 500mm 60mm 98kg 500mT  
MPC50 500mm 500mm 550mm 60mm 120kg 500mT