The magnetic flux density differs slightly depending on the measuring device. Please consider them to be only reference values.The adsorptive power is the reference value when the magnet is pulled at a perpendicular angle.

項目 範囲 スライド操作
外径 R-mm
内径 r-mm
高さ H-mm
角度 A-mm
  Product name R r H A
Neodymium R22.5mmXr17.5mmXH30mmXA60rad  22.5 17.5 30 60° Price
Neodymium R25mmXr10mmXH20mmXA90rad  25 10 20 90° Price
Neodymium R29mmXr14mmXH15mmXA60rad  29 14 15 60° Price
  Product name R r H A