Neodymium 30mmX30mmX3mm/M4 S-pole

Countersunk screw side
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Voice Name Symbol SI CGS
Shape Internal diameter ID 4.3 mm 0.43 cm
Supplementation S 8.6 mm 0.86 cm
Length L 30 mm 3 cm
Width W 30 mm 3 cm
Height H 3 mm 0.3 cm
Screw M 4 mm 0.4 cm
direction of magnetization M A
Weight Net 0.0202 kg 20.2 g
Surface treatment Ni 12 μm  
Surface magnetic flux density B 105.8 mT 1058 Gauss
Suction force
F 4.95 kgf 4951 gf
Magnetic flux density on load point Bd 185 mT 1850 Gauss
Total flux φo 0.00016651 Wb 16651 Mx
Permeance Coefficient Pc 0.19 Pc  
Maximum usage temperature Tw 50 ℃
Minimum usage temperature Tw  ℃
Material properties Materialsymbols Neodymium 35  
remanence Br 1170-1220 mT 11.7-12.2 kG
Coercivity Hcb ≧868 kA/m  kOe
Intrinsic coercive force Hcj ≧955 kA/m  kOe
Maximum energy product BH 263-287 kj/m3  MGOe
Temperature coefficient Br -0.12 %/℃  
Hcj -0.55 %/℃
Heat resistant temperature Tw ≦80 ℃
Curie temperature Tc 310 ℃
Density ρ 7.5 kg/m3
Remarks REACH RoHS Directive

*Magnetic flux density and attraction/heat force depends on the measurement equipment and the environment. These are only references values, these are not the guaranteed value.